Controlled Lighting, Curtains & Blinds

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We all enjoy an element of Lighting Control in our homes. This is typically achieved by switching on and off lights as we enter or leave a room or dimming lights manually from a wall switch to set a lighting level or scene. Alternatively, or additionally we open and close curtains and blinds on bright days or in the evenings for privacy.

At P3 Projects we design, install and support systems that allow you to automate this process in a single room or throughout the house using wall mounted keypads, hand held remotes or via your Smartphone or tablet.

There are a host of additional benefits including:

Integration:- Combine with audio, video and HVAC.

Energy Saving:- Dim lights to create moods. Install discrete occupancy sensors to ensure lights are switched off when rooms are unoccupied.

Safety & Security:-  Program a "Holiday" mode to replay your daily routine to turn lights on/off, raise and lower blinds as if you were still at home. Link your security system to your lighting system for added reassurance.

We specialise in Crestron and Lutron lighting control products and leading manufacturers for automated curtains and blinds such as Crestron, Lutron, Silent Gliss and Somfy.

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