Home Automation & Control Systems

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We specialise in providing the smart home technology to help you stay connected wherever you are.

You can control your home entertainment, music, lights, heating and ventilation systems, check your alarm system or change settings at the touch of a button.

In fact, almost anything that is remotely controllable can be brought under the control of a Home Automation Control System.

It all sounds futuristic but is available today through leading manufacturers such as Crestron, Lutron and KNX. System choice typically depends on the size of the system to be controlled, degree of control required or personal preference of the homeowner. 

Control systems have an added benefit in that by more efficiently monitoring and controlling the use of power consumption, lighting and heating you can also save money as well as make it easier to be environmentally friendly. 

We are experts at designing home automation and control solutions and you can have confidence that we will provide a solution tailored to your precise requirements that will enhance not hinder the usability of all the technologies in your home.

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