With the advances in technology for displays/projectors as well as the consistent march forward of video resolution and audio quality, home cinemas are becoming more desirable and indeed viable, as costs decrease with increased demand.

Whether this forms part of a multi-function room or sits as a dedicated cinema, we are able to offer a solution that will work for you.

Together with our chosen partners we are able to demonstrate the latest technologies in realistic settings to help you make an informed choice of technologies to fit your requirement. 

We offer a detailed design service to best match your requirements, to include:

  • Room construction and layout
  • Appropriate technologies including displays/projectors, sources, speakers and control
  • Acoustic treatment and Acoustic isolation
  • Cinema Seating
  • Lighting and HVAC
  • Cinema Control - Such as Crestron via wired or wireless remotes, Smartphone or Tablet 

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Home Cinema

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