IT Networks & Telephony

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With today's technologies becoming increasingly connected and "smart" the infrastructure within the home to facilitate this functionality has never been more important.

It seems just about every device in the home now comes complete with an internet connection. We use the internet for emails, schoolwork, shopping and playing games.

The Bluray disc is likely to be the last physical format for video content playback, and streaming of video and music content direct to our connected devices now seems standard.

With our reliance on home networks now so key to our daily lives it's important to ensure that this is available around the home wherever and whenever it's required, and that it also has the capacity to stream whatever content we require.

We will take a brief or your requirements and can design Wired and Wireless home network solutions to meet your requirements to ensure your connected devices stay connected.

Sitting on the same wired network infrastructure we can design Internet Protocol (IP) telephone systems which, when installed as part of a home access control and CCTV system allow you to view and control cameras installed around the property, and control remote door and gate locks where installed if required.

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