High Definition video and audio and more recently Ultra High Definition video has enhanced our enjoyment and viewing experiences.

It does bring with it challenges when it comes to deciding which TV or Screen, which set of speakers and which video and audio sources we want to watch or listen to, and where.

If your requirement is to be able to pause a movie stored on your hard drive or movie server you are watching in the living room, and continue watching it from the TV in your bedroom, we can design this for you.

If your requirement is to have your music from your smart phone, tablet or music store follow you around the property room by room through installed speakers, or play in "Party Mode" in preselected rooms then this is again, achievable. 

We are happy to sit with you, determine your precise requirements and design a solution to meet them. We can even future proof the system offered should your requirements or circumstances change.

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Single & Multiroom UHD Video & Audio

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