Project Support

Once complete and handed over is when you really get to know your system.

It's possible you may want to make minor functional or aesthetic changes.

We allow for a return visit within an agreed timescale to make minor adjustments providing they fall within the capabilities of the system installed.

All our systems are designed with remote access capabilities so often software changes are possible without the need for an engineers visit and disturbance to yourself.

Our Services - Concept to Completion

Project Design

We offer a design solution based around either a Consultative or a Design and Build approach.

We will talk with you to gain a full and detailed understanding of your current and indeed future requirements.

Any system proposed will then be able to grow with you as your requirement or the technology changes.

We have the support of our selected manufacturers so are kept updated on the roadmaps for future products and can ensure the solutions provided are Leading Edge not On the Edge.

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Project Installation

All our installations are managed by an experienced Project Manager and built both on and off site as required by our skilled installation engineers.

Where practical our systems are pre-built and tested off site at our workshop facility to ensure and maintain quality, and to minimise our time on site and subsequent disruption to you.

Our allocated team will work seamlessly with your project team, whether this be your Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer or Lighting Designer or any combination of these.